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Films watched at Fish Custard Towers over the weekend

9 Jul

Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Askaban – Seem it LOADS of times but just had a hankering for it.  Its by far the best looking of all the Potter films – Alfonso Cuarón is a genius.

Awakening – Quite creepy, will make you jump. Fab cast too. Worth a watch if you enjoy creepy children in your horror films.

Damned By Dawn – Meh. I wouldn’t bother. Not the worst I’ve seen but certainly not the best.

Dead Space: Aftermath – OK. Didn’t grip me all that much but it’s not bad.

Tyrannosaur – Fantastically horrid and epically brillient. Olivia Coleman was just exquisite.  Excellent use of the C-word too.  I am not quite concerned for the state of Paddy Considine’s mind though.

– Nighthawk


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