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Craig Hurle – where do you find this stuff?! LOVES IT!

20 Apr




A Doctor Who film? Really? REALLY?!

14 Nov

And a film that has nothing to do with the series AT ALL?

Have you learnt NOTHING from the last time they tried to make a Who film?

Yates, what the fudge are you thinking? Step away from the Who and go count your Potter millions. Keep your filthy, greedy paws away from our beloved Doctor.

Fish Custard fears that the Cloister Bell has been sounded once again for our Son of Gallifrey……

Watch “BBC Sherlock & Doctor Who main theme Mix by piano” on YouTube

20 Sep


Night Terrors – bloody terrifying!

3 Sep


Fish Custard ended up cowering behind the sofa cushions tonight. With a combined age of 64, thats no mean feat!

We are now furiously typing up a review whilst intermittantly checking the wardrobe doors.

Don’t have nightmares peeps! 😉

Lets Kill Hitler has been watched at Fish Custard towers.

27 Aug

A review will follow tomorrow.

And i’ll make sure I warn about spoilers for those who haven’t seen it yet.

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