We just finished watching Game of Thrones.

11 Mar





We don’t have Sky or Virgin and we don’t have the broadband capacity to stream it from anywhere so we had to wait for the DVD boxset.

And we’ve just devoured the entire thing in the space of 24 hours.

Its amazeballs.

That is all.



HOLY BUTTERED CRUMPETS! Its the new #Avengers trailer!

29 Feb

Top 5 Games that Nighthawk is most looking forward to in 2012

6 Feb

Top of the list, cream of the crop, the game I am most desperate to get my hands on is Darksiders 2.  I need this game like I need air.  It is essential to my continued existence on this planet.  If I could have it fed to me intravenously I would.  JUST GIVE IT TO ME NOW.  NOW I TELL YOU!!

Second on the list and possibly my most beloved game of all time, is the new Tomb Raider. Myself and Lara have been having a relationship since she first appeared in the gaming world.  Its possibly the longest relationship i’ve ever had! And the 2012 reboot looks absolutely delicious.  I think our love may deepen all the more upon its release later this year.

Third on the list of desperate to play in 2012 is Lollipop Chainsaw. I mean, look at it – who wouldn’t want to play it? Its got everything: zombies, chainsaws and cheerleaders.  And its so pretty!

Next, it’s got to be Mass Effect 3.  And it looks absolutely bloody stunning!

Lastly on my top 5 list is, of course, Aliens: Colonial Marines.  The Alien game we’ve all wanted and now it’s here.

So, thats the 5 games that I’m most looking forward to getting my hands on this year.  How about yours? Which games are you most excited about for 2012?

 – Nighthawk

BEHOLD!!! Marvel’s The Avengers Superbowl 2012 Official Trailer

6 Feb

So, who’d ridiculously excited about this one?!



FINALLY. The Aliens game we’ve always wanted. Watch “Aliens™: Colonial Marines – Gameplay Trailer” on YouTube

4 Feb

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11 Jan

Qwertee : Limited Edition Cheap Daily T Shirts | Gone in 24 Hours | T-shirt Only £8/€10/$12 | Cool Graphic Funny Tee Shirts.

So, Benedict is to play the villain in Star Trek 2

5 Jan

So, our Benedict is to play the villain in Star Trek 2.

But who will he be playing? The rumour mill had been churning since the announcement of Trek 2.  Could The Cumberbeast be playing the infamous Khan?  That would certainly be a fine string to Benedicts bow.  After all, he has just wowed audiences with his performances in Tinker, Tailer, Soldier, Spy (hopefully with an Oscar nod to boot) and is soon to be jetting off Down Under to voice Smaug opposite Martin Freeman in The Hobbit.

Whomever he plays, this news has made Nighthawk a VERY happy girl today here at Fish Custard towers!

Benedict Cumberbatch is to play a villain in Star Trek 2.

5 Jan

Nighthawk is a very, VERY happy girl this morning!

REVIEW Sherlock – A Scandal in Belgravia ***SPOILERS***

2 Jan


Director: Paul McGuigan
Writers: Steven Moffat
Stars: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Lara Pulver, Andrew Scott and more.

I was lucky enough to be at the BFI for the Scandal in Belgravia screening back at the beginning of December. How I didn’t keel over and die from the awesomeness of it all is beyond me! So, here is my review/gushings of episdoe 1 of series 2, A Scandal In Belgravia. There are ALOT of spoilers so if you don’t want to know or haven’t seen it yet then look away now!


Yes, they’re all here in this episode!

A Scandal in Belgravia is a absolutely cracking start to series 2. I was on the edge of my seat from the very first moment and stayed there until my arse went numb and the end titles appeared. (Actually, thats not fair – the BFI has THE comfiest cinema seats i have ever sat on so my bum didn’t go numb at all!)

The general plot line for A Scandal in Belgravia is that a blackmail issue is threatening to detroy the Monarchy so Mycroft enlists the help of Sherlock and John to solve the case. They soon find out that there is lot more to this than meets the eye and Sherlock is soon confronted with the delicious Irene Adler. Could this be the woman to best Holmes? Thrown into the mix is a bit of terrorism, conspiracy and rogue CIA agents. What more could you want?!

It begins, of course, back at the swimming pool were the The Great Game ended. Sherlock and Moriarty are facing off with John stuck in the middle after having ripped off the bomb vest. Clearly, Sherlock isn’t going to shoot him and nor will Moriaty have him shot. The tense stand off is soon interrupted by the Bee Gees song Stayin’ Alive which we soon discover is Moriaty’s ringtone. Priceless! Not perhaps the exciting, nerve wracking conclusion to the swimming pool scene that some people may have wanted or been expecting but it had the whole cinema roaring with laughter! The person on the other end of the phone however seems to be unsettling Moriarty. Could it be that he answers to a higher power? We don’t find out as Moriarty quickly says his goodbyes and leaves. Cue opening titles.

Due to Watson’s blog, a string of people are sat in 221b asking for Sherlock’s help. He dismisses most of them as boring, as you would expect. They go out on location for a few of them with welcome appearances from Lestrande, but Sherlock finds them all most tedious. At some point amidst this, Sherlock and John are leaving theatre where there is a a nod to the books with The Speckled Blone (originally The Speckled Band) and try to disguise themselves by wearing hats that they have found. It will please alot of Holmes fans to know that the hat that Sherlock picks up is the famous deerstalke

As Sherlock find these cases so tedious, Sherlock sends John out to a case out in the middle of nowhere with a laptop and a murder scene. They are commuinicating via webcam (with Sherlock wearing nothing but a bed sheet), to solve the unusual case of a man being seemingly murdered in the middle of the countryside with no murder weapon or apparant bullet wound. In the middle of all the back and forth between John and Sherlock, Mycroft’s goons arrive to escort Sherlock elsewhere. John is whisked away in a helicopter and Sherlock being Sherlock, flatly refuses to put on any clothes. In the next scene, Sherlock is sitting in a side room of Buckingham Palace in nothing but said bedsheet. Mycroft then arrives with a member of the Royal entourage and we learn that a ‘Lady of the Night’ has some very comprimising photographs of a senior Royal. They want Sherlock to get the photographs back. That lady is Irene Adler, dominatrix to the rich and powerful. The banter between Sherlock and his brother is, as ever, delightful and ends with Mycroft standing on the end of the bedsheet as Sherlock storms off almost revealing a completely naked Cumberbatch in Buckingham Palace! Needless to say, the cinema went a bit ferral at this point!

Now we come to Irene Adler. Lara Pulver puts in a stunning performance as The Woman. She is beautiful, graceful, devilishly clever and you truely eblieve that she is more than a match for Holmes. If you don’t fall utterly under her spell within the first 30 seconds then you are clearly dead inside! When Sherlock first meets Adler, she is completely naked save for a pair of stilettos and diamond earrings. Already outstmarting Sherlock so that he can’t deduce her in his usual fashion, he is on the backfoot from the off. She reveals that she isn’t holding the Royal in question to ransom, she is merely keeping the photographs as insurance should he ever need them at some point int he future. Sherlock is unable to obtain the information he has been sent to reclaim and into the mix are thrown rogue CIA agents who are seemingly also after information that Ms Adler has. Irene also seems to have been keeping an close eye on Sherlock as she knows about the case of the mysterious murder so Sherlock lets her do some deducing of her own. Sherlock then spends a good chunk of the epiosde trying to work out the password for Irene’s smart phone. It soon becomes apparant that Irene has more on her camera phone than just comprimising photographs otherwise why would Mycroft and the CIA be so interested? Could there be a breach of national security at stake? After all, Miss Adler knows alot of very powerful people.

Soon it is Christmas at 221b Baker Street. John has a new girlfriend, Molly and Lestrande are also there along with Mrs Hudson. Keep an eye out for John’s festive jumper – a real treat! Molly is the scene stealer here and she is soon clutching at heartstrings while Sherlock once again, without realising, utterly crushes her with his callous deducing of the way she has wrapped her gift. Poor Molly! While this is going on, it would seem that Miss Adler has left Sherock a gift of her own, the camera phone. Why would she do that if it was her life? Sherlock deduces that she must be dead otherwide she wouldn’t have let it out of her possession. Sherlock goes to identify her body with Mycroft. He confirms that it is her. There is then a very touching moment with Sherlock and Mycroft in a corridor of the hospital. Sherlock asks Mycroft as they watch a family get bad news: “Do you ever wonder if there is something wrong with us?” as they both feel nothing towards the grief stricken family at the end of the corridor. Sherlock then appears to fall into a depression after the death of Adler. He plays his violin incessently and even John and Mrs Hudson seem unable to shake him from his gloom. But is he greving for a possible lost love or merely for the loss of mind equal or greater than his own?

The build up to the finale of a Scandal in Belgravia is fast paced, heartfelt and cunning. When Mycroft learns that the important flight he has been orchestrating for months will be hijacked, he goes with the only option he has left – a ghost flight full of already dead people. Sherlock is shocked that his brother could go to such levels. Meanwhile, John discovers that Irene is not dead. In fact, she’s alive and well. John pleads with her to tell Sherlock but she won’t. Not that John should have worried as Sherlock, in true Holmes fashion, followed him and heard the entire thing.

The episode ends with Irene and Mycroft gloating that they have bested Sherlock. Irene gives her demands to Mycroft in exchange for the information on her phone. He agrees but she still refuses to give up the code – she still wants the insurance the information offers her. Sherlock then finally bests her for perhaps the first time in the epsiode by revealing that he has cracked the smart phone password: SHERLOCKED. He berates her for her sentimentality, clearly gloating that his apparant lack of emotion has won the day.

This episode is everything that Sherlock fans have been waiting for. I couldn’t get everything into this review as there is so much and I think that some of the reveals should be left for the viewer to discover. Mrs Hudson gets alot more screen time in this episode and that interaction between her and Sherlock is so touching. At one point, Sherlock comes home to find her tied to a chair by the rogue CIA agents. His rage is obvious and you see that out of all the people in his life, Mrs Hudson seems to be the only one that he openly cares for.

The other character that gets alot more screen time is Mycroft, with Mark Gatiss turning in a sublime performance as the other Holmes boy. We get to see a whole gamit of emotions from him such as anger, frustration, smug happiness and at one point, utter hopelessness.

Paul McGuigan has really outdone himself with the direction on A Scandal in Belgravia. His camera angles, sweeps and crane shots are delicious and all bring the whole script to life. The vertical bed scene alone is worth watching this epiosde for and really brings Moffats script bursting into life. And what a script! From the epic dialogue that Sherlock has to the tiny looks between character in the stage direction, Steven’s writing has truely reached new heights. Its slick, sharp and funny and how he gets so many plot lines and twists into just one epsiode is beyond me – He makes 90 minutes feel like a mere 20!

In my opinion, A Scandal In Belgravia blows A Study In Pink out of the water for a series opener and if this is the blueprint for the 2 episodes to come, my brains will be all over the walls of my front room by the time the series finishes airing.

You will be on the edge of your seat for the whole 90 minutes. You’ll laugh, you’ll shout, you may even cry a little (I did), but one thing you won’t be is disappointed. And for that, The Moff and his epically fantastic Sherlock team has my thanks!

BBC Sherlock Website

REVIEW – Wreckers

22 Dec


Director: D.R. Hood
Writer: Dictynna Hood
Stars: Claire Foy, Benedict Cumberbatch and Shaun Evans

I was lucky enough to go to the special screening of Wreckers at the Curzon Soho at the weekend with a Q&A afterwards (thank you for getting the tickets Mia!).
I was ridiculously excited about this as it was the second time in 10 days that I would be in the same room as Mr Cumberbatch himself! (I’d already been to the BBC Sherlock screening of A Scandal in Belgravia on the 7th December at the BFI).

I had only seen a few bits about Wreckers as I didn’t want to know the whole plot before I saw the film.

The basic plot is that Dave and Dawn (husband and wife) are living in the countryside doing up an old house in the village that David grew up in. Everything seems pretty idyllic and they are trying for a baby. At the beginning of the film, the couple are seeing a doctor to determine why they can’t get pregnant and are told that the results will take a few weeks. They carry on as normal and there are some wonderfully tender moments between the two relatively newlyweds.

Then, Dawn comes home one day to find a young man standing at the top of the scaffolding around the house. The young man, Nick, turns out to be David’s brother who is just back from war in Afghanistan. Dawn has never met him before and David seems shocked by his appearance when he comes home from work later.

All seems well until Nick starts sleep walking and having night terrors, a result of his time as a soldier. An amusing moment is when he first sleep walks and takes a cabbage out of the fridge before David tucks him up in bed with it!

As the film progresses, Dawn becomes increasingly uneasy about Nick’s presence but you’re never quite sure why. I thought that it was because she had never met him and as the film goes on, she learns more about David and Nick’s youth and their relationship. She begins to feel that she doesn’t truly know her husband. We find out that the boy’s father used to beat them and that Nick pushed his mother down the stairs when they were younger. We later find out that it was in fact David that pushed his mother, not Nick.

The film also brings in another couple from the village, Gary and Sharon, who both knew the boys growing up. The husband does not seem to be too keen on Nick at all and always seems to be finding a way to berate him whilst his wife seems all to keen on flirting with him.

David grows increasingly aggressive towards Nick over the course of the film which scares Dawn, leading her to tell David that he scares her and that she doesn’t really know him. The strain on the couple’s marriage increases, although there are still loving, tender moments between them.

At a picnic with the two brothers, Dawn and the two friends, David announces that Nick will be leaving soon, much to Nick’s surprise. Dawn then goes for a walk with Nick and Sharon. She loses them as they amble along and then finds a tree to climb. Whilst she is up in the tree, she sees Nick and Sharon having some extramarital fun close by and is obviously shocked.

David and Dawn go back to the doctor to get they’re results and it turns out that it’s not Dawn that is infertile. David then drops the bombshell that it’s him as a previous girlfriend who planned a baby with him could not get pregnant. Clearly this is news to Dawn, further confirming to her that she doesn’t truly know her husband. Following on from the visit to the doctor, Dawn ends up sleeping with Gary, so desperate is she for a baby and to get back at David.

At a barbeque at the end of the film, everything comes to head and to comes out that Nick has been sleeping with Sharon, there is a fight and Nick ends up leaving. Gary and Dawn’s secret however does not get discovered.

Dawn has the baby and David appears to be none the wiser. The films ends with the couple, with their baby, bumping into Gary and Sharon. Awkward pleasantries are exchanged where a look is seen between Gary and Dawn. David sees this and without speaking, we are left to make up our own minds as to what David is thinking. Personally, I saw that he confirmed what he had always suspected: that the baby isn’t his, although others may see something else. In my mind, Benedict is one of the masters at conveying a character’s feelings through his eyes alone.

This film is beautifully shot and uses the picturesque backdrop of The Fens to envelope the characters. I didn’t think that there was a massive amount of dialogue in this film but then there didn’t need to be. Most of the talking is done with looks and gestures from all the characters. Also, a lot is left up to the viewer to make up their own mind, which I found to be an added bonus. Like the moment that Dawn was in the tree seeing Nick and Sharon, the film made me feel all the way through that I was outside looking in. Sometimes that feeling made for slightly uncomfortable viewing like during the tender moments between David and Dawn. I felt that I wasn’t supposed to be looking but couldn’t help myself as I had to know more.

Claire Foy and Benedict Cumberbatch shone for me in this film, each turning in a brilliant performance. I really felt Dawn’s uncertainty about Nick, her growing unease about her husband and her heartbreak at his secret keeping. And Benedict was fantastic at making you swing between loving him and then loathing him.

This is a truly wonderful slice of British indie cinema and I urge you all to see it. It is on general release at the moment but only at selected cinemas. If you can’t get to a screen to see it, then you can download it at:  http://www.curzoncinemas.com/film_on_demand/719/wreckers/

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