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Top 5 Games that Nighthawk is most looking forward to in 2012

6 Feb

Top of the list, cream of the crop, the game I am most desperate to get my hands on is Darksiders 2.  I need this game like I need air.  It is essential to my continued existence on this planet.  If I could have it fed to me intravenously I would.  JUST GIVE IT TO ME NOW.  NOW I TELL YOU!!

Second on the list and possibly my most beloved game of all time, is the new Tomb Raider. Myself and Lara have been having a relationship since she first appeared in the gaming world.  Its possibly the longest relationship i’ve ever had! And the 2012 reboot looks absolutely delicious.  I think our love may deepen all the more upon its release later this year.

Third on the list of desperate to play in 2012 is Lollipop Chainsaw. I mean, look at it – who wouldn’t want to play it? Its got everything: zombies, chainsaws and cheerleaders.  And its so pretty!

Next, it’s got to be Mass Effect 3.  And it looks absolutely bloody stunning!

Lastly on my top 5 list is, of course, Aliens: Colonial Marines.  The Alien game we’ve all wanted and now it’s here.

So, thats the 5 games that I’m most looking forward to getting my hands on this year.  How about yours? Which games are you most excited about for 2012?

 – Nighthawk


FINALLY. The Aliens game we’ve always wanted. Watch “Aliens™: Colonial Marines – Gameplay Trailer” on YouTube

4 Feb
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