The Fades to return?? (Oh please, please, PLEASE let this be true – Nightawk)

4 Jul

Could The Fades be back for series 2?

Jack Thorne revealed to The Cult Box that despite being axed earlier this year, it could still return for another series:

However, speaking to A Younger Theatre today, Thorne commented: “I don’t know what’s going to happen; there is a possibility [it will be brought back]. I’d love for it to come back, as I’ve still got stories to tell.”

He continued: “I’m not particularly bitter about it. When it came down to it, it was between Being Human and The Fades [to be kept] and they chose Being Human. I can’t complain because it is a great show. It happened when there were massive cutbacks, so the drama budget was halved and they could only keep one long-running series.

I, for one, have got EVERYTHING crossed that The Fades could come back for another series.  It was one of the best things on television last year and it deserves another chance.

– Nighthawk



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