****SPOILERS**** Fish Custard reviews Let’s Kill Hitler ****SPOILERS****

30 Aug



 Well, well, well, Mr Moffat has done it again! How the man can cram so much into one episode is beyond me!  And some of the major plot lines seemed to have answered almost as a casual after thought. 

I knew this episode wasn’t going to be a slow one – the series was returning with an episode called Lets Kill Hitler and written by Steven.  It was never going to not be a belter! 

So, we started the episode in a corn field with Amy and Rory driving around in it furiously in a classic brown Mini.  (Wasn’t Rory’s Mini red last time?)  We then find out that they’re making crop circles. Well, not so much crop circles, more like spelling out the Doctor in a field.  The Doctor then appears from the TARDIS in quite a Pertwee-esque new coat and the questioning about Melody begins. And then a best friend of Amy and Rory’s, who we’ve never met before, appears in a Corvette Stingray and threatens the Doctor with a gun before deciding that she wants to go and kill Hitler. 

That was all in the first few minutes. 

Told you this wasn’t going to be a slow episode! 

So next, we’re in Nazi Germany crash landing the TARDIS in Hitler’s office, right before he was about to be killed by a robot manned by tiny people.  Not weird at all!  Rory then gets to punch Hitler. Actually, Rory gets to punch a few more people in this episode which, for me, was brilliant.  It’s nice to see Rory getting some decent screen action as the series goes on.  I always felt that he was a bit of a wasted character until this series.  He’s really coming into his own which i’m liking. Very much. 

Then, one of the biggest plot lines is answered when Melz reveals that she’s been shot and then starts to regenerate.  The penny eventually drops with Amy and they realise that Melz is short for Melody and that she is, in fact, her daughter.  It’s a question that we’ve been asking since the first half of this series – who was the regenerating little girl? Well, now we know.  It was River. Or Melody.  

Whats touching about this plot twist is that while Amy and Rory have been waiting for the Doctor to find Melody, Amy has in fact been to a certain extent, raising Melody all along.  The sequence going from Melz, Rory and Amy as children, then them getting older to the recent past, showed that all along Amy has been looking after Melz.  I liked that touch. 

And so, the River/Melody that we know appears. Except that she’s not the River that we know.  This is River at the beginning.  And she’snotRiveryet, not really.  She looks like River but she’s still Melody.  And she’s here to kill the Doctor.  Now, a big deal was made about who River had killed to be put in the Stormcage and i had my suspicions that it was the Doctor.  But i wasn’t sure.  And then it’s just dropped into this episode quite casually and almost absent mindedly.  It wasn’t made to feel like a bit revelation and that’s testament to Moffat’s writing.

The first thing that River tries to do when she regenerates into Alex Kingston is to kill the Doctor because that whats she’s bee trained to do her whole life.  The Doctor second guesses her each time and manages to out fox her. And then she out foxes him with her trademark lipstick before jumping out of the window to go and rampage around Nazi Germany. Oh River…………. 

The rest of the episode is then spent with the Doctor dying and him trying to convince Melody to help him.  Amy and Rory are get shrunk and transported into the robot that is currently in the form of Amy.  

Following me so far?! 

What I also liked was the turning point of Melody into young River.  She seems to take a certain amount of pleasure from watching the Doctor die and why shouldn’t she?  She’s been trying to track him down to kill him her whole life so why shouldn’t she be a little smug about it.  But when she sees the Doctor trying to crawl towards the TARDIS in order to help Amy and Rory, something clicks in her brain and she realises that despite the fact that he’s dying, he still cares.  Before the Doctor dies, he whispers something in Melody’s ear after telling her to find River Song and give her a message from him.  What did he whisper?  Could it have been his real name? Or is that too much of a stretch at this point? 

Amy then shows Melody who River Song is by ordering the robot to transform into her using the archive files.  As soon as this happens, Melody can see what River means to the Doctor. And to Amy and Rory for that matter and not just because she’s they’re daughter.  Asking if the Doctor is worth it, Melody uses all of her remaining regenerations to bring him back to life.  We then see River in a hospital (Hospital of the Infinite Schism to be precise) bed recovering with the Doctor, Amy and Rory with her.  And we end with the Doctor leaving on her bedside the blue diary that we know River carries around with her before jumping to the year 5123 and River wanting to study Archaeology at theLunaUniversitybecause she’s looking for “a good man.” 

Did anyone else feel totally mind swiped after that episode?  I know it wouldn’t be a slow one but bloody hell Moffat wrote a corker!  The speed and the amount of plot twists and hints that man can squeeze into 45 minutes in amazing! 

One of the most poignant bits for me was when Melody lands the TARDIS to rescue Amy and Rory.  She said she didn’t know how to fly one but the TARDIS told her how.  In a previous episode when asked how she knows how to fly the TARDIS, she said she had a good teacher.  The Doctor looks smug but River informs him that it wasn’t him that taught her because he was busy that day.  Now we know that he was busy dying that day.  And my initial theory about how River knew how to fly the TARDIS was proved right, much to the annoyance of my boyfriend! 

So, all in all, a brilliant episode, fantastically written, fabulously directed and for me, a stand out performance by Matt Smith. And, in true Moffat style, that episode title had pretty much nothing to do with what happened. Brilliant!

 Now, did anyone actually let Hitler out of the cupboard……….?

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