REVIEW – Zombie Women of Satan

29 May

The excellent Pervo the Clown aka Warren Speed


Directors: Steve O’BrienWarren Speed

Writers: Seymour Leon MaceSteve O’BrienWarren Speed

Stars: Warren Speed, Seymour Mace, Victoria Hopkins and Victoria Broom

The title of this film alone was enough to get me to watch it – how could I resist?! That and the fact that it’s a British made movie with zombies and a real life freak show burlesque group. What more could you possibly need out of a film?!  After having just watched Zombie Apocalypse (and being more than a little disappointed) I wasn’t actually holding out much hope for this one.  I was soon to be delightfully mistaken!

It starts out with the freak show burlesque group, Flesharama going off to do an interview on a remote farm for an internet site run by the bizarre Tycho Zander and his family.  It doesn’t take long for the farm to over run with nymphet zombies, all thanks to Tycho’s father, Henry.  Who, by the way, also keeps Tycho’s randy mother chained to a wall in his ‘lab’ where he does all his experimenting on the horde of nubile young ladies that live up in the big house.

You then find out that Skye, the lead singer in a rock bank and tagging along with Flesharama, lost her sister to the Tycho cult years ago and is determined to get her back.  So, the rag-tag bunch set out to rid the farm of topless zombie women and find Skye’s sister, Rachel.  Much hilarity and gore ensues, of course and although the plot is familiar in its course, it had me in stitches a lot of the time.  Pervo the Clown and Johnny Dee Hellfire are a joy to watch and some of the names they call each other hare hilarious!  In my opinion, every zombie film should have two bickering Geordies!

There’s plenty of gore, although being on a tight budget, most of the violence is off camera and we only get to see the aftermath.  But that’s OK.  They obviously spent a lot of time and effort getting the feel of this film right and it doesn’t disappoint.  My only negative would be Skye and her abducted sister plot doesn’t really feel like it should be in the film at all.  Her acting doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the cast and can feel really quite wooden at times.  But seeing as this was the first film for the whole cast, it’s a teeny, tiny negative and doesn’t detract at all from the film.

There’s plenty of gore, plenty of swearing and plenty of boobies in this film as well as comedy.  Shaun of the Dead its not but it’s still hilarious and really quite polished for a debut film.  Seriously, go and rent it – if you like comedy, zombies. Geordies and boobs, this is the one for you!





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